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Murphy’s Naturals and T2 Consulting - A Partnership in Category Excellence


Murphy’s Naturals, a pioneering brand in natural insect repellent, has made a significant impact in the health and wellness market with its commitment to natural, effective, and environmentally friendly products. Recognizing the potential for growth in the Home Improvement category, Murphy’s Naturals sought a partner to navigate the complexities of category management and maximize its market presence.


The transition into the highly competitive Home Improvement category presented several challenges for Murphy’s Naturals, including optimizing product placement, ensuring supply chain efficiency, and meeting the high demand and expectations of a new consumer base. The brand aimed to not only introduce its natural insect repellents into this new category but also to achieve significant sales growth, maintain high on-time shipment performance, and ensure product availability.


Murphy’s Naturals partnered with T2 Consulting, leveraging their extensive expertise in B2B consulting and sales representation within the Home Improvement sector. The collaboration focused on strategic category management to address the following key areas:

  1. Market Analysis and Strategy Development: T2 conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Home Improvement category to identify opportunities for Murphy’s Naturals. This included competitor analysis, consumer behavior insights, and trend forecasting to inform a tailored market entry strategy.

  2. Supply Chain Optimization: Recognizing the importance of supply chain efficiency, T2 worked closely with Murphy’s Naturals to streamline operations, ensuring that products were manufactured, stocked, and distributed effectively to meet consumer demand.

  3. Sales and Marketing Support: T2 provided robust sales and marketing support to enhance Murphy’s Naturals' brand visibility within the Home Improvement category. This included promotional planning, in-store marketing initiatives, and retailer-specific strategies to drive sales.

  4. Performance Monitoring and Adjustment: T2 implemented a system for monitoring sales performance, on-time shipment rates, and stock levels in real-time. This allowed for agile adjustments to strategies and operations to optimize outcomes.


The partnership between Murphy’s Naturals and T2 Consulting produced outstanding results in the first season:

  • Sales Growth: Murphy’s Naturals achieved nearly 3X the forecasted sales, significantly exceeding initial expectations and establishing the brand as a category leader in the Home Improvement sector.

  • On-Time Shipment Performance: The brand maintained a 100% on-time shipment rate, demonstrating exceptional supply chain efficiency and reliability.

  • Stock Availability: With a 95% in-stock rate, Murphy’s Naturals ensured that consumer demand was met consistently, enhancing customer satisfaction and retailer confidence.


The strategic partnership between Murphy’s Naturals and T2 Consulting exemplifies the power of targeted category management and strategic planning in entering and thriving within a new market sector. Through expert guidance, operational optimization, and focused sales and marketing efforts, Murphy’s Naturals not only navigated the challenges of the Home Improvement category but also set new benchmarks for success. This case study underscores the value of leveraging specialized consulting services to achieve exponential growth and operational excellence in highly competitive market segments.


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