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Cocam's Breakthrough into the US Market with T2 Consulting


In 2010, Cocam stood as a leading supplier of consumer products to retailers across Europe and Australia, boasting an impressive portfolio and a strong market presence. Despite their success, Cocam faced a significant challenge: after five years of concerted effort, the company had not managed to penetrate the lucrative US market. This case study explores how T2 Consulting played a pivotal role in transforming Cocam’s US market entry strategy, leading to over $400,000,000 in sales growth.


Cocam’s primary obstacle was its unfamiliarity with the complex and highly competitive US retail landscape. The company struggled to adapt its products and messaging to resonate with American consumers and retailers. Additionally, Cocam lacked the local market insights and sales infrastructure necessary to secure shelf space in big box retailers, which are crucial for achieving nationwide product distribution in the United States.


T2 Consulting partnered with Cocam to devise and implement a comprehensive market entry strategy. The collaboration focused on four main areas:

  1. Product Adaptation: T2 conducted market research to understand American consumer preferences and regulatory requirements. Based on these insights, Cocam adapted its product designs and features to meet local tastes and compliance standards.

  2. Message Refinement: T2 helped Cocam refine its brand messaging to highlight the unique value propositions of its products in a way that appealed to the US market. This involved tailoring marketing materials and packaging to align with American cultural norms and consumer expectations.

  3. National Sales Team Building: Recognizing the importance of a strong local presence, T2 assisted Cocam in building a national sales team. This team was trained to understand the nuances of the US retail environment and equipped with the skills to negotiate and maintain relationships with big box retailers.

  4. Retail Placement: Leveraging T2’s extensive network and industry reputation, Cocam was able to secure meetings with key decision-makers at dozens of leading big box retailers. T2’s strategic guidance helped Cocam navigate the complex negotiation process, resulting in successful product placements across the United States.


The partnership between Cocam and T2 Consulting yielded remarkable results. Within a few years, Cocam’s products were successfully placed in numerous big box retailers across the US, significantly increasing the company’s market visibility and accessibility to American consumers. This strategic market entry led to over $400,000,000 in sales growth, marking a monumental success in Cocam’s expansion efforts.


Cocam’s entry into the US market exemplifies the power of strategic partnership and local expertise in overcoming international market entry barriers. T2 Consulting’s comprehensive suite of solutions enabled Cocam to adapt its products, refine its messaging, build a dedicated sales team, and secure retail placements that were previously out of reach. This case study not only highlights Cocam’s success but also T2 Consulting’s role as a catalyst for achieving unprecedented growth in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

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